The Benefits of High Frequency Foods



The Vibrational Essence of Energy

Often we hear people saying “sending good vibes your way”, but what does that really mean?

Energy, in its core essence, is a vibration, manifesting as a frequency that permeates all aspects of life. This foundational principle underpins the holistic health perspective, particularly when exploring the human energy fields.


The Essence of Human Energy Field

In the holistic health sphere, the concept that energy fields surround the human body is fundamental. These fields, known as the aura or bio field, vibrate at various frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz). Though, there’s no uniform agreement on the exact frequency range, which may vary between 10 to 68 Hz. Factors like stress or illness may reduce frequencies, indicating possible imbalances or diseases.


Schumann Resonance, Earth’s Natural Rhythm

The Schumann Resonance, discovered by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, highlights spectrum peaks in the Earth’s electromagnetic field (yes even the Earth has an energy field),  with a foundational “heartbeat” of around 7.83 Hz This frequency, subject to minor fluctuations, is thought to influence human brain wave patterns and behaviors, revealing a profound connection between our inner states and the Earth’s electromagnetic environment.


The Power of High-Frequency Foods

Our dietary choices extend beyond mere sustenance; they affect our energetic equilibrium. Each food carries a unique vibrational frequency that can impact our energy fields. High-frequency foods, particularly, are believed to bolster our health by resonating with the natural frequencies of well-being, aiding in our body’s innate healing and balance-restoring capabilities.


Nutrient-Dense vs. Processed Foods

High-frequency foods are generally characterized as raw, organic, and nutrient-rich, including:

-Fresh fruits and vegetables, with frequencies up to 15 Hz.

-Nuts, seeds, and sprouts, offering frequencies between 20 to 27 Hz.

-Pure herbs, reaching frequencies of up to 27 Hz.

On the other hand, processed foods tend to exhibit significantly lower frequencies, sometimes as low as 0 Hz, suggesting a negligible contribution to our energetic health and wellness.


Cellular Well-being Through High-Frequency Nutrition

Incorporating high-frequency foods into our diets can profoundly affect our cellular health. These foods are thought to:

– Enhance the body’s energy flow, improving nutrient absorption and waste expulsion.

– Support the immune system by promoting a balanced and vibrant energetic state.

– Facilitate cellular repair and regeneration, contributing to improved overall health and vitality.


 Culinary Practices

 Humans distinguish themselves from other species with our practice of cooking food, which alters its nutritional content, digestibility, and energetic properties. Although cooking can reduce a food’s frequency, it also makes certain nutrients more accessible and eliminates harmful pathogens. Balancing the intake of cooked and raw high-frequency foods is crucial for achieving optimal health and energy levels.


 Frequencies and Healing

In addition to choosing the highest frequency food to eat, some practices, including sound therapy like bio field tuning, are suggested to foster healing, balance, and well-being.

Here’s a brief overview of Solfeggio frequencies, which are electromagnetic tones that are reputed to have the power to heal and raise consciousness.

174 Hz  Thought to reduce physical and energetic pain.

285 Hz  Believed to help repair damaged organs.

396 Hz  Aims to alleviate guilt and fear, promoting inner peace.

417 Hz  Associated with facilitating change and overcoming past traumas.

528 Hz  The “Love frequency,” reputed to repair DNA and enhance peace and well-being.

639 Hz  Focuses on improving communication and relationships.

741 Hz Said to cleanse cells of toxins and infections, promoting clarity and stability.

852 Hz  Linked with enhancing intuition and spiritual order.

963 Hz Believed to restore consciousness to a state of oneness.


It’s All About Energy

The intricate relationship between our energy fields, the Earth’s resonance, and our dietary habits is multifaceted. By choosing high-frequency foods and the right healing modality, we can nurture our cellular health, align with natural rhythms, and enhance our holistic well-being. Our journey towards energetic health transcends diet, embracing a lifestyle attuned to the vibrational essence of life itself.